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New to RAW?

Here are some frequently ask questions about the RAW diet.

What should I feed?

We recommend you feed 80% meat, 10% organs, and 10% edible bones.  

Meat is any type of muscle meat: beef, poultry & fish...It is important to include as much meat variety as you can. 

Organs or offal provide vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes. 

Edible bones provide an important supply of calcium and phosphorus as well as many other minerals and nutrients. Poultry bones & and necks bones are a great option.

How much do I feed?

The general rule is to feed 2 – 3% of your dogs ideal weight DAILY or in the case of a puppy the expected adult weight.  Use slightly less than 2% if your dog needs to loose weight or if your trying to put weight on your dog use more than 3%.  We also vary feeding according to activity. We recommend that if you have a small breed dog that they receive a minimum of 4 oz per day even if the % of weight says lower.

Safe Handling of Raw Food:

​RAW DOG FOOD - not for human consumption

Keep safely stored away from human food and wash your hands after touching raw meat products.

Raw Dog Food should be kept frozen until ready to use.  Thaw in covered container for 24 hours.

Use within 3 days of thawing

DO NOT leave at room temperature.

DO NOT cook or warm.  Some products contain bone which become brittle and dangerous when heated.

Cover and refrigerate unused and unconsumed portions within 10 minutes of offering to pet.

Use hot water and soap to wash all utensils, bowls and surfaces after each use.

The Rooted Dog cannot be responsible for your storage and safe handling of raw meat.  

New to Raw - feeding guide and safe handling instructions: About Us
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